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Grow your business with an Ocean of intelligent, scalable, GDPR compliant data.

Frame 153777-2Intelligent delivers the most relevant data for your business based on your CRM records.

Frame 153778ScalableB2B data collected from 300M+ web pages, company registries, and public databases.
Frame 153779GDPR CompliantData from public sources that's analyzed, normalized, and organised in a whole new way.

Data built by AI uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to identify what companies do based on how they describe themselves on their websites, enabling to get much more specific in classifying them than anyone else on the market. indexes hundreds of millions of websites, normalizes the data we find, and uses it to place each company into a mathematical model of the global market.
300M Data Sources
55+ Data Points
98% CRM Match Rate
80% New Accounts
Context vectors

Precise company categorization

Proprietary AI analyzes hundreds of data points and maps each company as a contextual vector. The result is detailed classification of companies never before available. Sales and marketing can then target with more precision and create messaging that resonates with customers.

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Lookalike Clusters
Lookalike clusters

Unique results based on your CRM data Context Vectors reveal clusters of lookalike companies based on their similarities. The result is specific targeted account lists, ideal for ABM and vertical selling.

Data coverage

Unparalleled quality speaks many languages and our data covers The United States and Canada, BENELUX, DACH, France, The Nordics, UKI, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Singapore. So you'll only need one data source to both expand in your current market or enter new markets.

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