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Fuel your commercial engine

“I need more leads!” said every commercial team that ever existed. was designed to satiate the beast: a smarter, more accurate and efficient way of sourcing leads to keep your team performing above target.

Efficient campaigns & conversions

Take the guesswork out of creating your pipeline by replicating what you already know works and avoiding off-target opportunities.
Efficient campaigns & conversions

Improve your campaign ROI

Stop wasting money on off-target results in LinkedIn and Google Ads and more efficiently build lists using your ICP.
Or maybe you can reactivate hidden gems in your CRM using Intent Data to see who's ready to buy?
Campaign Audience lists

Build lists with perfect targeting that can be directly uploaded into LinkedIn and Google Ads.

CRM Integration

Real-time data of your best-fit customers is easy when you connect your Hubspot, Pipedrive or Salesforce account.

Intent Data

See when your ICP prospects are searching for your solution with over 13,000 topics tracked by market leader, and integration partner Bombora.

Improve your campaign ROI

"We went from a mediocre list of 400 accounts to a new list with 350 highly-qualified accounts by using Ocean. And 30-40% of our original was deleted."


Guarantee your GTM success in days

Build effective go-to-market strategies that increase revenue easily by creating plans based on lookalikes of your best customers.
Lookalike Search

No more junk leads our Lookalike search goes lightyears beyond the simple industry code filters you’re used to.

Campaign Audience lists
Side-step off-targets by taking your honed lists straight from Ocean into LinkedIn Campaign Manager.
Company Filters

Finesse your hyper-targeted lists with 19 different filters that will help you sort, prioritize and personalize your campaigns.

Guarantee your GTM success in days

"Ocean is the easiest way to find new accounts."



Accounts discovered in two months


Savings/month in outsourcing data enrichment


Time served on prospecting and data entry

Increase your conversion rates

Reduce your spend while increasing your pipeline - that's the key to the conversion game.

Find and expand high performing industries, markets and regions, and deepen your personalization with more homogenous targeting.
Lookalike Search

Just add the URL or name of a company you want to replicate and let our platform work its magic!

LinkedIn Campaign Audience lists

Cut down the time and money you spend on LinkedIn targeting by taking your list directly from Ocean. Build as you go to 3x your results.

CRM integration

Use real-time data from your recent wins in Hubspot, Pipedrive or Salesforce to find lookalikes of them in our database.

Increase your conversion rates
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highly targeted leads


added to CRM


active conversations


deal in 11 days

Customer Case

Cross Border Communications reduced their average cost per Marketing Qualified Lead by 23%


more MQLs


cost reduction


increase in form conversion

See the magic for yourself

Why waste time on propsects that don't convert?
Book a free trial and get 50 free leads.
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Free Trial
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Dedicated CSM
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Global Coverage
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GDPR compliant
Predict future revenue from various industries, countries, and regions.
Find the right accounts to target for both sales and marketing teams.
Group 152399-1ICP EXPLORER
Take the guesswork out of ICP and validate who is your best fit customer with smart data.

Define your ICP with confidence

Refine your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) based on your actual sales performance data. Get an analysis-ready breakdown of your new business pipeline, and align your team and resources around a common ICP determined by data.


A penny saved is a penny earned

Build a smart prediction model that can identify customer and market segments with the highest and lowest churn rates. You can grow your revenue by keeping more customers on board and finding areas for upsell.



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