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Find the right companies and right people at the right time

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Traditional lead data providers generate messy lists and leave tons of perfect-fit businesses on the table. Grow your business efficiently with lookalike search in's B2B prospecting data platform.

+25% Lead conversion
-22% Cost per MQL
2X Demo Booking Rates

How is different from other B2B data providers?

  • 01 AI lookalike search
  • 02 Company-first approach

AI lookalike search

Type in the URLs of a few companies you've sold to, and finds every company that describes themselves in the same way on their website.

Company-first approach finds great-fit companies first, and then finds people once you've set your account list, so you'll never miss out on an account due to a mismatching job title again.

AI Lookalikes

Target niches no other data provider can

Lookalike search goes lightyears beyond the simple search filters of the past to bring you exactly what you're looking for. Want Subscription-based eCommerce companies? Drone software makers? Hydraulics manufacturers? We've got you covered.

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Search filters

Unrivalled filtering options

Dial in your targeting to the exact profile you're looking for with powerful filtering options. offers several filters you won't find anywhere else, thanks to the fact that the dataset is sourced via web crawlers.

CRM Integration

Build better qualified pipeline builds lead lists based on your actual sales performance, and continuously updates and optimizes recommendations as you close new business.

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Boost your Sales and Marketing Efficiency

More accurate lists and tighter targeting have knock-on effects for your whole Sales and Marketing engines: Better personalization, higher conversion rates, and less wasted spend and effort.

Precise vertical targeting.

More effective outreach via precise vertical targeting. crawls the internet to categorize companies by what they  actually do  instead of using generic industry categories.

When your targeting is airtight you can create truly relevant messaging, efficient ad spend, and smashed targets.

How Lookalike Search Works

How Lookalike Search Works

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Context matters reads all the text on a website, not just keywords, in order to find lookalikes.
When building target accounts at scale, subtle changes make big differences in list accuracy.



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Segmentation AI

Predict future revenue from various industries, countries, and regions.

Churn Predictor

Analyze your existing customer base to find who's your best customer and who is most likely to churn.

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