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Intelligent B2B Growth

A prospecting tool like no other. We've created our own AI-driven logic to understand and organise companies so you can find lookalikes of your ICPs and best customers in seconds.
Intelligent B2B Growth
We help companies grow more efficiently
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The only platform built to find your ideal prospect

Get access to efficient, precise, and reliable data that your B2B team needs to go-to-market.

Launch new markets and verticals in days

Quickly sign your first contracts by only targeting the companies who need your solution right now.
"We were able to sign a contract 11 days after the target list was created."

Julian Berbec Julian Berbec
Growth Marketer, Monta
Launch new markets and verticals in days
Improve conversions in your entire pipeline

Improve conversions in your entire pipeline

Double your demo rate and meetings booked with our unique lookalike company search and filters.
"We've been able to book anywhere from 20 - 30 meetings just from us using”

Nick Abraham Nick Abraham
Founder, LeadBird

Get the pipeline and results you deserve

Improve the number and quality of Opportunities, MQLs, SALs, SQLs and Won Deals by only targeting those that matter.
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"When my team ask me to work my magic, I log into"

Thumbnail (1) Laura Salmina
Sales Developer, Tele2
Get the pipeline and results you deserve


Maintain your CRM data hygiene

Keep your CRM in good shape with smart features that help you automatically add new contacts, avoid duplication, enrich your current customer data and allow you to export contacts to multiple teams.
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Efficient prospecting in just three steps

Connect your CRM.
Complete your Onboarding Meeting.
Create your first Lookalike List!
Efficient prospecting in just three steps
Fresh, relevant, intelligent data.

Fresh, relevant, intelligent data.

Say goodbye to databases that just scrape LinkedIn and outdated registries, adding existing filters...and say hello to a platform that collects, analyzes, normalizes, and organizes its data to help you find the most relevant companies.

Want to find lookalikes of your best customers?

All we need is a URL and a few minutes of your time.

Segmentation AI

Predict future revenue from various industries, countries, and regions.

Churn Predictor

Analyze your existing customer base to find who's your best customer and who is most likely to churn.

See what we can do for you

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