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Custom pricing to match your strategy

We know that efficiency in business growth is key. So too is having the tools that work with you as you grow. That's why our pricing is unique for every customer. Launching in the US? You'll need North America. Need to prioritize your prospects? Better add Intent Data.

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"Ocean saves us incredible amounts of time - it gives us far more leads in far less time."

Group 1198 (1) Martin Flenhagen
Head of Sales, Netmore

"Ocean is a useful tool to help us find relevant leads for our business."

thumbnail (1)-1 Felicity Neale
Client Partner, Electric House

“With we can focus our ad spend on the right companies.”

thumbnail (1)-2 Martin Nørgaard Klausen
Co-Founder, Zen Media

FAQs...and answers

What is your minimum price?

Our pricing starts from €6.500 or 7,200 USD.

How do you calculate your prices? Our prices are based on how many regions you want to include, how many seats you need and how many export credits you will use.
How are you different from other data providers?

We are the only data platform that has AI at its core, not simply as an add-on layer to existing aggregated data silos. We have spent years creating a logic that collects, analyzes, normalizes and organizes data in a completely new way. And that’s what drives our Lookalike Search.

Can I have a free trial? Absolutely! We want you to see for yourself how Ocean works, so we offer you a 72 hour trial period to see it work its magic.
How many export credits do I get? The number of export credits is decided by you, depending on your own prospecting needs.
What’s included in one export credit? One export credit includes all the information that we have on one company or one contact from that company. 
What’s the difference between export credits and verified email credits? With export credits you can decide whether you want to export companies or contacts. If you are interested in adding verified emails for contacts, you can top up your existing amount of export credits with verified email credits.
What happens if I exceed my credits? In the platform you can see how many credits you still have on the login page. If you are reaching the end of this and need more, just reach out to our Customer Success Team, and they will help you choose the right top up package.
Do you give a discount for up-front annual payments? Yes, we do! We offer a 10% discount for all up-front annual payments.
How long are your contracts? All our contracts are for 12 months.
Where is your data from? We have a skilled team of data scientists and developers that have built a proprietary system that gathers data directly from websites. That’s also how we ensure our data is reliable and up-to-date because we are constantly gathering and improving this. We supplement this data with third party data that can’t be read from websites - for example, web traffic and revenue information.
Is your data the same in each country? Our system can read websites in a large number of languages. Any company website written in a language that it can recognize will be treated and processed the same, with equal visibility in Ocean’s database. There are data points that differ in coverage from country to country, depending on availability. In Germany, all company websites are legally obliged to have an Impressum page, whereas that’s not the case in The Netherlands so we won’t have that information there, et cetera.
Is your data GDPR compliant? Yes, we are GDPR compliant. You can check out our dedicated GDPR page to find out all the details of this. 
Will my contract auto-renew? Once your initial subscription term of 12 months is over, a new period of 12 months will automatically renew.
What is your cancellation policy? We require at least forty five (45) days of written notice prior to the commencement of a new 12 month subscription term.
Do you integrate with my CRM? We currently integrate with Hubspot, Pipedrive and Salesforce, but can also offer customer CRM integrations upon request. 
How do I settle my payments? All payment information is located on the invoice which is sent to the person who signed the contract. If this is a different person to the one handling the payment, just let us know and we can resend it.
How do I connect my CRM? Connecting your CRM is one of the first steps in our customer onboarding. If you need more help with this, please reach out to our support team via the in-app chat or email.
What is the best way to contact Support?

You can contact Support via email or by using the in-App chat function. If your enquiry requires a phone call or online meeting, then we will provide details for how this can be handled at that time.

Are there any setup fees? No, we don’t have any setup fees. All customers have a dedicated CSM and have additional in-product support during CET weekday business hours.
What kind of support do you offer? All customers have a dedicated CSM that conducts their onboarding and is their main point of contact throughout their subscription period. This help includes free training, regular performance reviews and ad-hoc requests. Additionally, we offer support via online chat, email, phone and meetings during CET weekday business hours.

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