DigiPlyMedia Are Building Stronger Lead Lists with Ocean.io

DigiPly Media is a B2B lead generation agency that focuses on bespoke email marketing strategies.They mainly work with SaaS start-ups who have an enterprise solution and a number of marketing agencies.



more data found in certain niches compared to Ocean.io competitors.


hrs saved per week, when creating, cleaning and segmenting list.

DigiPly Media

DigiPly Media is a B2B lead generation agency that focuses on bespoke email marketing strategies. They mainly work with SaaS start-ups who have an enterprise solution and a number of marketing agencies.

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Listen to what DigiPly Media's Co-Founder, Preetum Mistry, says about his Ocean.io experience!


"How to effectively build targeted lead lists?"

The team at DigiPly Media identified that an ideal market to target for their client was e-commerce businesses in the fashion industry.

While they had a general overview of the big names dominating the industry, they had no visibility of the smaller e-commerce businesses that still possessed the potential that made them worth considering.

They knew a couple of companies they wanted to target but were struggling to find other similar companies and most importantly get in contact with them.

Previously they had used numerous different “lead” sources, but through LinkedIn outreach, it became clear that the quality of the target list was not very high - motivating them to look into other data sources.

Ocean.io has helped us close our biggest customer to date, just 10 days after purchase”

Preetum Mistry
Co-Founder, DigiPly Media

"Lead list building is extremely time-consuming and tedious. With so many databases and filters to choose from, it is very easy to get lost. We used to spend 5-8 hours a week pulling 1000s leads, cleaning data, and segmenting campaign data before Ocean - just for our own outreach, never mind for our clients", said Preetum, Co-Founder of DigiPly Media. "We needed to find reliable data efficiently".

They needed a way to build stronger targeted lead lists.


Lookalike Company Search + Filters

The team at DigiPly Media kept their existing segmentation but used Ocean as the foundation for their list building. They wanted to find small-sized companies, which was challenging when using Sales Navigator and other lead sources.

DigiPly Media used Ocean’s domain search to find lookalike e-commerce/fashion companies, typically using around 3-4 domains. To refine their list, they added additional filters of company size and web technologies. Unlike the process before, this list only took minutes to create.

Lookalike Company

They tested out the lists and found the data was more accurate than what they were using in the past and uploaded the lists to Instantly (CRM) for their outbound outreach.

DigiPly Media uses Ocean for their own list building but also for their clients.


Better Targeting - Shorter Sales Cycles

By building target account lists with Ocean, a mere 10 days after purchasing, DigiPly Media closed their largest client to date.

DigiPly demonstrated its value during the discovery call, by building a targeted list with Ocean for the customer.

Other reasons DigiPly Media likes Ocean:

  • Saves time in building targeted account lists

  • Deliver high-quality accounts that they couldn't find on Crunchbase or Linkedln Sales Navigator

  • Filters help find and create laser-targeted lists

"We feel more equipped for the growing demand in the industry, as we have data we can trust and manipulate easily to support our clients and ourselves"

"Ocean.io is Reliable, Accurate and Easy-to-Use”

Preetum Mistry
Co-Founder, DigiPly Media

With 83 individual accounts found to match their ICP (Ideal-Customer-Profile), Monta added 37 to their CRM for their outbound outreach. From here, Monta engaged in 3 active conversations and closed a deal. 

With a bit of luck and good targeting, Monta successfully created a pipeline in their new market and was able to close a deal before the Country Manager joined the team.

What is next?

DigiPly Media plans to continue to grow with Ocean because they believe they will be more equipped to deal with increasing demand in the industry. Expanding into new countries and industries in the near future, DigiPly Media plans to use Ocean to continue to build laser targeted lead lists.

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